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recent work

Large oil painting of about twenty bogong moths flying from right to left from an opened door towards an ornate lamp standing on an old phone table with a green rotary telephone. The lamp is the only light source and the wall is covered in a retro pattern.
A wayward journey Oil on canvas 60x183cm 2022
An invasive species Oil on canvas board 40x50cm 2022
The doorway that belongs to you and me Oil on canvas 40x50cm 2022
A recurring dream Oil on canvas board 40x50cm 2022
Oil painting of a woman's arm in front of a green wall where the paint is peeling. The hand is holding a cheap pen with a red rubber grip. Then arm is in a red sleeve with blue and pink pattern. The cuff is gold coloured. There are two pink robins, one sitting on the pen and the other in the sleeve.
A milestone on the way to the grave Oil on canvas board 30x40cm 2022
Still life oil painting of, from left to right, a pink floral teapot, an old yellow glass lolly jar a third filled with gummies and a spider plant in a chipped green ceramic planter. Above the teapot is a southern moon moth on a pale blue wall.
‘Still life with Southern Moon Moth’ Oil on canvas board, 30x40cm 2022
Oil painting of a kitchen bathed in light from outside, that could be from the sun or an explosion. The kitchen has a salmon-pink Formica benchtop. Three sulphur-crested cockatoos are wrecking the joint.
Golden hour (commissioned) Oil on canvas 51x76cm 2022
Oil painting of a bowl of pho in a Vietnamese restaurant. There is an upturned copy of Elizabeth Tan's Smart Ovens for Lonely People on the far left. In the background are the condiments and eating utensils usually found in these establishments.
Love loading Oil on canvas board 40x50cm 2022
Oil painting of Shirley the cat, looking at herself in an Art Nouveau mirror as she sits on a bureau containing books and a teapot. A vase of flowers is beside her to the left. On the far right is a variegated monstera and in the bottom right quarter is a planter that looks like a smiling face with closed eyes with a spider plant for hair. Fish bone ferns come up from the bottom of the painting below it.
You’re my reason to get out of bed before noon (commissioned) Oil on canvas 76x51cm 2022
The day moth 2021 oil on canvas 60x76cm
Oil painting of a still life of a yellow teapot and two tea cups, one in the foreground and one in the background. The teacup in the foreground is full and could be the viewer’s cup. The teacup in the background is upturned, waiting for a friend or guest.
There are always two cups on my table Oil on canvas 23x31cm 2022
Your peace is my peace 2021 Oil on canvas 45x60cm
Oil painting of a typical kitchen found in Australian fibre homes of the 70s and 80s, only this kitchen contains evidence of Vietnamese life such as a rice cooker and a plastic basket of herbs. Outside a Vietnamese set Ong dia and lion pass the window.
You are always in my heart Oil on canvas 61x77cm 2021

birds and flora

Oil painting of two tawny frogmouth birds behind three dahlias in little glass bottles. There are two Christmas beetles, one on a bottle and another in the foreground. An eastern yellow robin is also perched on little bottle in front of the frogmouth on the right.
You lose, you gain Oil on canvas board 30x40cm 2022
Oil painting of a silvereye and a red-browed finch sitting on some little bottles. Four dahlias are around them in their own bottles. They are accompanied by bogong moths, one on the wall behind, one on a bottle and one on the floor in the foreground.
What to do with all this time? Oil on canvas board 30x40cm 2022
A pair of blackbirds sitting on a little jug and bottle situated between a white dahlia on the left and a magenta dahlia on the right. A bogong moth flies in from the right. The mustard-yellow paint in the background is cracking.
The Europeans Oil on canvas board 30x40cm 2022
Oil painting of a slice of chocolate sponge cake in a cafe table. There are three superb fairy wrens, one is on the cake, another on the plate and the last flying in from the left over a booth seat. In the foreground on the left is an upturned copy of Joan Didion’s Slouching towards Bethlehem. On the right are white orchids. In the background at the far edge of the table is a bottle of Coca-Cola.
On self respect Oil on canvas board, 30x41cm 2022
Side view of a retro formica table with a yellow top, on top of which are a number of indoor plants and planters. Two house sparrows are on the table watching a magpie fly in from the left.
What we once knew 51×76 cm oil on canvas 2021
Painting of Gouldian finches and nasturtiums
Finches and nasturtiums 2021 Oil on linen board 30x40cm