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I had a tick-and-flick list of things I needed to figure out what to do about at the start of the year: shipping, packaging, merch and art prints.

I’m pleased to share that art prints are available, initially of these two paintings, but they’ll be added to as I go along.

Painting of two tawny frogmouths behind three dahlias in little glass bottles. There are two Christmas beetles, one on a bottle and another in the foreground. An eastern yellow robin is also perched on little bottle in front of the frogmouth on the right.
You lose, you gain
Oil on canvas board 30x40cm 2022
Still life oil painting of, from left to right, a pink floral teapot, an old yellow glass lolly jar a third filled with gummies and a spider plant in a chipped green ceramic planter. Above the teapot is a southern moon moth on a pale blue wall.
Still life with Southern Moon Moth
Oil on canvas board 30×40 cm 2022

They’re limited edition (both of these at 50 for A3) giclee inkjet prints onto cotton rag museum grade Fine Art paper. We found this paper the best for reproducing the colours and textures of the originals.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

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