New works are added here as they’re finished. Check out Instagram for works in progress.

New work

The day moth 2021 oil on canvas 60x76cm (Sold)
Painting of Gouldian finches and nasturtiums
Finches and nasturtiums 2021 Oil on linen board 30x40cm (Sold)
Your peace is my peace 2021 Oil on canvas 45x60cm
The butcherbird 2021 oil on canvas 30x40cm

Older works

Everything hoped for and more 2011 Oil on canvas 100x120cm
Conversations in a room 2009 Oil on canvas 100x120cm
The waiting room 2005 Oil and charcoal on canvas 100x120cm
Here at the frontier 2011 Oil on Canvas 100x140cm
I like to be a secret 2010 Oil and charcoal on canvas 90x120cm